Aaron Ruby

Aaron Ruby


Having spent most of his early life in the furniture industry, starting with the iconic position of weekend popcorn maker at the age of 6, Aaron Ruby left the Greater Rochester community for Washington, DC. There he obtained a degree in Marketing from The George Washington University and spent several years building a career in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. However, those years away did not lessen the pull of the business his grandfather had started. Aaron officially re-joined the Ruby-Gordon family, along with his wife, in 2015. The decision was not only spurred on by the very enticing shorter morning commute, but also by his desire to transform the family business into a much more tech savvy and forward-thinking furniture retailer.

Armed with a fresh perspective of a fast moving, younger generation, Aaron and Janetta, quickly started to shake up the family business. Aaron has worked to improve Ruby-Gordon’s infrastructure and refocus the company’s marketing efforts, much like his father had done 50 years before. On the eve of the grand opening of Ruby-Gordon’s second location in the Rochester market in January 2018, Aaron was named President of the company, bringing the family’s legacy full circle.

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