Pasquale Natuzzi Jr.

Pasquale Natuzzi Jr.


Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, 27 years old, is the third child of Pasquale Natuzzi. He is born in Puglia – possessing a dual Italian and American citizenship – and has cultivated the passion for the company with his father since he was a child.

He attended the Business College at Luigi Bocconi University in Milan also joining Marketing & Communication courses. He specialized in Finance, Asset and Wealth Management abroad, attending training programs in international banking groups.

For many years, he has worked as stylist by his father’s side, inheriting his passion for the product, love for beauty and enjoyment for experimentation and  innovation. In 2010, he set up The Secret Society, a fashion jewelry brand that blends fashion and social community management in an original way.

In 2012, he joined the Natuzzi Group as Marketing Program Manager and started to specialize in management and development of marketing levers.

Pasquale Junior represents a new leading generation inside the company. From March 2016 until July 2017, he has been Communication Director and Vice Creative Director, heading the worldwide development of the Natuzzi brand. Since July 2017 he is Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, responsible for the definition, management and implementation of the worldwide marketing and communication strategies.

Pasquale Junior is also the Natuzzi Brand Ambassador, traveling worldwide to represent the company’s DNA and core values in institutional events around the globe, often conceived by himself.

He has a deep passion for design, arts and music, and a natural inclination for creativity. Pasquale Junior often travels around Italy and the globe scouting for new talents in the fields of art, craftsmanship and haute couture.

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