Rod Martin

Rod Martin


Rod Martin comes to his role as general manager by way of a McGarrah Jessee client, twice over. Rod started his career in account service and strategy roles at TracyLocke, Rubine Postaer and Associates and Sq1 Advertising, where he worked on a variety of CPG and automotive brands before moving to the brand side in 2000. As VP of Strategy and Director of Marketing at Whataburger, Rod transformed the organization from a promotions-first approach to an integrated brand focus and in 2003 hired McGarrah Jessee, laying the groundwork for the 15-year partnership that remains strong to this day. Rod took his second tour as an McJ client as VP of Marketing at Stripes, where he established processes to transform the company’s 600+ stores from ad-hoc bazaars into a unified and energetic brand. In 2015 Rod returned to his agency roots with the wisdom and perspective earned from years spent as a client.

The Art & Sale of Omnichannel Storytelling

ACL - Concert Floor

Creating a great retail story is one thing. Telling one that cuts through today’s media clutter and excites and entices is another. Learn the inside secrets of professional storytellers – a publicist, a campaign crafter and a digital expert – and get started crafting your own story that sells. Hear the case study of Yeti’s […]

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