Seth Kaiser

Seth Kaiser


Seth Kaiser’s adoration for modern design led the St. Louis native on a journey spanning the seas, but would inevitably bring him to Baltimore where he serves as lead Designer and Sales Manager at Design Distillery, Baltimore’s premier furniture and home décor shop focusing on high-quality, modern design.

Growing up in a small town, Kaiser’s appreciation for design was fueled by his time spent studying Graphic Design at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. While pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts, he studied abroad in the Netherlands, giving him a taste for applied design with Elasticbrand, an experiential creative agency in downtown Amsterdam. Following graduation in 2012, Kaiser built his professional portfolio, working in graphic and interior design at several top agencies, and has since found his home in Baltimore.

Beginning his stateside career, Kaiser served as a graphic designer with Ashton Design, a multidisciplinary design firm in Baltimore. When the firm divided in 2013 and formed Younts Design Inc., Kaiser continued practicing environmental graphic design. In 2014, Kaiser’s love of design led him to Home on the Harbor where he joined forces with founder Karen Graveline—a destined professional matchup. Kaiser then transitioned to a career in interior design and has played a key role in the creative construction when Home on the Harbor rebranded to Design Distillery in 2016.

In his current role at Design Distillery, Kaiser steers the client experience, navigating full-house design and floor plans while easing clients through the process with expert consultation. Kaiser’s modern approach and eye for design help to drive the focus of the showroom, but he attributes much of Design Distillery’s success to the effortless synergy between him and Graveline. Both share a common vision for promoting small, locally-owned modern designs, which runs through the foundational veins of Design Distillery.

Kaiser believes design is the universal language, and Design Distillery is the vehicle through which he communicates.

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