What are your peers saying about NEXT?

“I am excited to continue my education at the NEXT Conference by Furniture Today. I love that NGN continues to partner with these great opportunities that help me grow professionally.”
Joey Gunn, Knight Furniture

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“The (2015) conference was a tremendous success.  I would encourage all aspiring young leaders in the furniture industry to attend this event.  Unfortunately, markets are so busy we don’t get the time required to network with our peers, exchange valuable information, share success stories, and get to know one another outside of our usual business environment.  The purpose of this conference is just that and with over 300 in attendance, there is not a larger gathering of like-minded and passionate young leaders in the furniture industry.”
Kyle Johansen, HOM Furniture

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“The conference was much more than I expected. I came away with a long list of things we need to improve on or changed in our operations. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, there is always so much to learn because the industry changes all the time. I’ve realized no matter what we have going on at the time of next year’s convention, we have to come. It must be a #1 priority. Sometimes just keeping your head down and working crazy hard isn’t as productive as taking a few days off to learn how to work smarter.”
Marisa Humphrey, Real Deals on Furniture and Real Deals on Home Décor

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